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The Streetcorner is a publication produced by Streetcorners Ministries.  It features testimonies of local Christians, mostly from the area of Northwest, British Columbia, Canada. 

This paper is produced with the goal of encouraging Christian faith in people everywhere. 

The Streetcorner is not to be sold but is distributed free of charge to whoever would like a copy.  If you would like a copy you can download it by clicking on the copy you would like.  If your computer is not equipped with Adobe Reader, you can either e-mail us at or write us at  The Streetcorner P.O. Box 771  Telkwa BC,  Canada, and we will send you some copies.

Funding is received through voluntary, free-will donations of interested individuals, organisations and churches.

Your comments or questions about The Streetcorner or Streetcorners Ministries are welcome.

Should you want to know more about the Christian faith please do not hesitate to contact us at either of the above mentioned addresses.

Enjoy reading!  May God bless you with all your needs and with faith in him!

Copies of The Streetcorner now available

Note:  You will need Adobe Reader 4.0 installed on your computer to download these papers.  It could take a few minutes so please be patient!

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Volume 2, Issue 1;   Issue 2;

Volume 3, Issue 1:   Issue 2

Volume 4. Issue 1

Volume 5, Issue 1;  Issue 2

Volume 6, Issue 1; Issue 2

Volume 7, Issue 1

Volume 8, Issue 1

Volume 9, Issue 1

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Volume 11, Issue 1

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